Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders – 30/08/2022

Trade Type: Trend Riding

Set-up: Break out

Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders:
  • Buy Price: 391.40
  • Buy Date: 30-Aug-2022

Analysis: Mazagon Dock has been ranging for about a year and then broke out with heavy volumes at the end of August 2022. The stock has been in stage 1, and the uptrend (stage 2) started recently when all the moving averages were perfectly aligned.

As of the market close, the stock from the buy price has an Unrealized gain of about 42%. Do not buy after reading this post, as the stock has already gone up by 42%, and thus I suggest waiting for a pullback. Do note that I might sell the stock when the model indicates a SELL signal.


The stock appreciated by 50% from the buy price; thus, I sold half the number of stocks and booked profits. The remaining 50% shall continue to ride the trend until the model signals to Sell.

  • Sell Price: 584.45
  • Buy Date: 06-Oct-2022
  • 50% of the position sold

Realized Profit: 49.30%

The remaining 50% of the position will continue to ride the trend until WIBE signals a “Sell.”

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