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About 80% of retail investors lose money when trading stocks(1)(2)(3)(4). This massive challenge is yet to be solved in the purview of retail investors despite numerous FinTech advancements. There exists an enormous gap between financial literacy and portfolio returns.

We launched WIBE to enable investors to achieve consistent & profitable trades. WIBE is powered by its cutting-edge algorithm, which is purely based on mathematics & statistics.

WIBE empowers its users to:

  1. Focus on stocks that are on the move,
  2. Clear Buy & Sell Signals based on short-term & long-term technical indicators,
  3. Eliminates fundamental & technical analysis,
  4. It saves time and allows people to focus on things that matter the most!
  5. Eliminates human errors due to human emotions, guesswork, or any sort of bias.

As a result, WIBE maximizes profits while minimizing the risk. Ride the trends using our advanced algorithms with the least time spent analyzing stocks and other assets.

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Our Team

We are a team of fresh, young, highly creative data analysts, software engineers, and stock market enthusiasts. WIBE algorithm has been created for our personal investment needs using mathematical & statistical algorithms aimed at consistent profitable trades. Our shared intention is to create a platform to make realistic profits in the least time spent analyzing stocks and charts.

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