WIBE Algorithm & Methodology

Stock Universe:

US Markets: WIBE Stock universe uses Russell 1000 constituents to execute the WIBE algorithm. Our pre-defined filters will let the users know whether any stock is qualified (or) not.

INDIA Markets: WIBE Stock universe uses NIFTY 500 constituents upon which the WIBE algorithm is executed. Our pre-defined filters will let the users know whether any stock is qualified (or) not.

Algorithm & Methodology:

The Stocks are ranked by highest WIBE Score (a measure of three V – Volume, Volatility, and Velocity combined with MACD, RSI, and Stochastic oscillators). WIBE Score / Indicator measures one-year growth, emphasizing the most recent price activity and technical indicators such as 20-Day vs. 200-day Relative Strength, 20-Day vs. 200-day Historic Volatility 20-Day Average Volume vs. 200-day Average Volume, Short-term and Long-term MACD, and Stochastic oscillators. The WIBE indicator can be understood as a SUPER-INDICATOR combining all the above indicators. 

The technical indicators used by the WIBE Ranks / Indicators include short, and long-term strategies:

  • Short Term: 20-Day Moving Average, 20-50 Day MACD, 20-100 Day MACD, 20-200 Day MACD, RSI, Stochastic Oscillators
  • Long Term: 100-Day Moving Average, 150 Day Moving Average, 200-Day Moving Average, 100-200 Day MACD, RSI Oscillators

WIBE Indicator Status

Our focus is on “LONG-ONLY‘ trades, and we do not recommend any ‘SHORTING.’ BUY means buying security, and SELL means selling a security that you had bought earlier. 

BUY → When the WIBE indicator triggers a BUY Signal, the commencement of a new trend (short-to-long term) is based on the combination of short and long-term technical indicators mentioned above.

BUY-HOLD → after a BUY signal, the WIBE indicator moves to BUY-HOLD the subsequent day, and the trader/investor can continue to hold the security until a SELL signal is triggered.

SELL → When the WIBE indicator triggers a SELL signal, the investor shall SELL the security on the same or subsequent day as desired. The SELL signal is based on the WIBE indicator when the calculations indicate the end of a trend or changes in the three V(s). 

SELL-HOLD → After a SELL signal, the WIBE indicator turns SELL-HOLD the subsequent day until the security shows signs of positive momentum based on aforesaid technical indicators. 

Data Updates:

WIBE score and thus WIBE ranking of stocks are updated once a day, at the end of the market closure in respective geographical regions. While we intend to provide the most accurate and latest data, there may be some errors, at times, which we suggest our users check before placing trades. 


Pages are initially sorted in a specific order (depending on the data presented). You can re-sort the page by clicking on any of the column headings in the table. Ideally, all the users have to rank the stocks based on WIBE rank and check for stock qualification before attempting a trade.