Stock Call Change

We WILL NOT update you via email and notification when the WIBE indicator Calls on any of your portfolio or watchlist changes. For example, if a stock you hold moves from Buy to Buy-Hold or Sell, Subscribers have to login and check for the status on their own. There shall be no email or alert systems provided. For example, communication will not be triggered when a stock moves from any of the combinations of below indicator calls:

  1. Buy
  2. Buy-Hold
  3. Sell
  4. Sell-Hold

Stock’s enter and exit the WIBE Stocks list in the evening on trading days, post-market hours. We use the latest available prices at that point of time to affect this change, so the end of the day price is used as the entry or exit price from the list. We do not send out a notification mentioning this change. The next morning stocks may open higher or lower than last day’s close price depending on various factors where do not have any control like global indices, sector movement, sentiment, etc.

We follow the methodology of using day-end prices consistently in WIBE Stocks Changes.