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If YOU are like me:

➦ Who wants to compound wealth with no stress,
➦ Who has minimal time to focus on investing,
➦ Who is bothered about too much market noise
➦ Want to create PASSIVE wealth over the long-term

Then this is for YOU!

Stock markets are one of the best financial instruments available to ordinary people like YOU & ME, enabling us to build wealth passively over the long term.

Automating your money plan is a fool-proof way to pace toward your financial goals and enjoy life while your money works in the background.

Money management is more accessible than the financial industry makes you think. There is so much noise out there, especially in the financial world. It would help if you learned the basics.

The more money you have, the higher the chances you will fall prey to charlatans.

Passive Wealth – Portfolio (India)
Best Choice for Individuals
  • Access to my Indian MF/ETF portfolio
My Goals

➦ Compound Wealth with no stress

➦ No cryptos / No trading (in this portfolio)/ No leveraged products / No derivatives

➦ I do not want to beat the markets or any fund manager, but I want to have enough money to meet my financial goals when needed

➦ I will take a conservative approach (Risk first- Rewards next approach)

➦ Decent returns with lower risk

➦ Spend negligible time managing the portfolio

➦ Have Quality time (a critical Asset) with people and family than worrying about stock price or market crash

➦ Focus on my human capital (upskill on things I know) and diversify my financial capital as much as possible.

Your Benefits…
Save Time

Kick start your investing journey in less than hour


Focus on what matters to you! Don’t bother the market crashes or worry on stock picks

Create Wealth Passively

Hand-picked funds/ETFs with % allocations – all that is needed to get started with your portfolio

Follow My Portfolio

Hand-picked funds/ETFs with % allocations – all that is needed to get started with your portfolio

Unified Portfolio

Easy Rebalancing & Asset Allocation

What will you get?

Follow my actual portfolio (approx. 50% of my net worth)

➦ Monthly money moves (how I invest my monthly savings in Passive Wealth Portfolio – India)

➦ I am not guaranteeing the world’s best portfolio return. If you think I will get you skyrocketing returns, then YOU ARE IN THE WRONG PLACE.

➦ I follow a disciplined passive investing approach to create Passive Wealth over the long term (over ten years or, you can say, over 20 years).

➦ I follow a unified portfolio approach (one portfolio for all financial goals). I don’t prefer maintaining multiple portfolios for every financial goal and scratching my head for rebalancing or asset allocation.

➦ Get Access to my money management, stand over my shoulders, & avoid the mistakes that I made.

➦ I am an NRI and thus, I adjust the fixed income portfolio between NRE-FD and debt instruments based on prevailing interest rates.

You Can Copy/Use My Portfolio:

➦ If you are new to mutual funds/ETF investing or don’t know how to mix funds and want a readymade basket of funds to invest.

➦ If you are an existing investor with new goals and want an asset-allocated portfolio for that purpose.

➦ If you wish to build your portfolio by taking cues from the asset allocation and category allocation I use.

Want to follow my personal Passive Wealth portfolio at your own Risk?
Let’s build Passive Wealth together.