I Started Following the Trend – Bought This Stock!

Stock: PB FinTech📈

💡 Strategy: Trend Following

⚠️ Situation: Likely Trend reversal (Wait for confirmation on the weekly chart)

Daily Chart: 20-EMA Cross up 200-EMA (Golden Cross)

🥇1st Entry: 20-EMA cross up 200-EMA
🥈2nd Entry: 50-EMA cross up 200-EMA
(Stock price > 200-EMA)

Check Large BUY 🟩 volumes and small SELL 🟥 volumes.
Ride the Trend 〰️ ⬆️

When to Sell?
🥇1st Exit: 20-EMA cross down 200-EMA (Dead Cross)
🥈2nd Exit: Close position when 50-EMA cross down 200-EMA (Dead Cross) and stock price < 200-EMA

Position Size:
👉Ten position portfolio: 1/10 of the total trading portfolio
👉20 position portfolio: 1/20 of the total trading portfolio

⛳️Stop Loss: 25% or 50% Trailing stop loss.

🔥 How does it affect my Networth if the Stock goes to Zero?
Insignificant Change / I don’t lose sleep at night!

🔥 How does it affect my Networth if the Stock delivers 100%?
Insignificant Change / But the cash shall be good enough to cover some of my monthly expenses (I hope the trade turns out well)! 🤞

🤔How to Track This Position?
Less than a minute a day 🫢!

🚫Not a stock buy/sell recommendation
🚫Not an expert
✅️Only for educational purpose
‼️Trade at your own Risk
As per Stan Weinstein’s book, the stock is still trading in Stage 1 / better to enter after Stage 2 confirmation 👍

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