AAPL Stock Falls!

Don’t Buy The Dips, Do This Instead — A Practical Analysis.

NASDAQ: AAPL (Apple Inc), as I write this blog, has fallen by about 3.28% and is trading at $141.81

AAPL hit its all-time high price of $182 in Jan 2022, and in the last 30 days, AAPL has fallen by 15% due to but not limited to weakness in the tech sector and high inflation, and fear of recession.

AAPL had strong support between $148 & $152, but it broke below the support range, and the next strong support was between $138 & $140. Investors must carefully watch the price action around the strong support level and see if the stock bounces off. If that does not happen, the following tentative support price range is between $110 & $120 to watch for.

AAPL confirms its bearishness as it trades below 200-day EMA, and watch out for the dead-cross where the 20-day EMA may cross below the 200-day EMA — which will double confirm AAPL’s bearishness.

The MACD on the daily chart indicates extreme bearishness, which can be seen in the below image.

  1. Wait to confirm the price action by support/resistance ranges
  2. Wait for the MACD to indicate a change in momentum from bearishness to bullishness
  3. Wait for the moving averages to confirm the bullishness by a golden cross

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